Multiplayer games communities are a wonderful thing, especially when they have a worthy cause. Like putting tattoos onto the buts of their favorite streamers. Let me ela-butt-rate.

It’s a tale of two streamers—Pope Bear and Holtzman. These two attended GuardianCon in Florida, an annual Destiny convention. These conventions are great opportunities for charity, liberally supported by the streamers. The two promised to get matching heart tattoos on their butts if during the Destiny Community Podcast segment they can raise over 100 000$.

It seemed unlikely but one CCkun91, a Destiny 2 Streamer and pro player himself decided to “throw the gauntlet”. In one fell swoop, at the end of the stream, he donated 25 000$. What followed was an avalanche of donations and the rest is history. The charity may be what’s important here, but these butt tattoos will forever be the testament to how having a noble cause motivates people to pay.

Activision Blizzard of course took note of it. What could possibly be cooler than Blizzard, seeing the great fervor of the community, chiming in to donate something from their coffers themselves right?

I have an even better one for you: Bungie’s community manager took to Twitter to incentivize players to make even more donations, with sneak-peak preview patch-notes that will be coming. No no, that’s cool too. I mean not as cool as Blizzard, you know, maybe actually giving something to charity themselves? But hey. At least they took credit for it. That’s almost like doing something.