Following up on the promised reveal of Warmind, Bungie held an hour long stream on Twitch yesterday, talking about the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2.

If you have an hour of your life to spend and care enough, you can watch it here. The short of it, is that the new expansion will be taking place on the frozen wastes of Marsian north pole, features a story involving a new character with an attitude named Ana Bray and a race of voracious, alien bugs.

What Destiny 2 is good at is combat and the coming horde-mode promises just that: more combat and more good loot. There’s of course going to be a new raid in the expansion that as usual will one-up all the raids featured in the base game, new weapons, new armors and all that good stuff.

The story element of it seems to be… Underwhelming. I mean Ana Bae seems cool and all, she gives cryptic hints about “the past of the Guardians” but I can’t help but feel like this might just be smoke and mirrors thing, hinting something truly engaging that will just not come. I’m sorry Bungie, I’m not gonna be fooled into mistaking sensationalism for a plot. Also, sorry Ana but there is very little “ironic” about people interested in peace building weapons, have you not heard of the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction? Have you not played any of the Metal Gear games?