After almost a year of Gordon Freemaning it (since the Black Garden), our Guardian finally speaks again. It only took the death of a dear friend this time, so hey, progress.

Now I really, really hope Bungie isn’t going to try to pull a twist whereby Sov is somehow actually a good guy, but it’s so blatant and straight-forward that the hope isn’t high. Don’t get me wrong, I like a sympathetic villain like anybody else, but that doesn’t really work well in Western stories. Plus even if he has a good motivation, that doesn’t excuse just being a dick. And boy is he being a dick.

It’s a kind of a strange situation where I’ve been ragging on Destiny II for a while for having a simplistic (and often spotty) story, but somehow when they picked a Western theme for their next expansion, I was totally on-board as I figured “eh, at least they’re playing to their strengths I guess”. And yet when they apparently want to do something cute with this story, I’m against it. So I’m now against my past self. Strange indeed.

In any case, we got a week to go. Soon the pre-launch update with go live, adding the bonus weapon slot, among other things, and setting the game up for Forsaken. Be prepared to “take the reef by storm”. Do it for Cayde.