This additional adventure takes you once again back in time.

As we mentioned in our review, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ends abruptly. As we know from various reports, after not-that-great sales the IP might be shelved and it can take years before (if ever) we see another Deus Ex game. With the last DLC from the Season Pass being available right now and serving as a prequel story, chances for an epilogue are slim.

A Criminal Past is an expansion set before the events of Mankind Divided and below you’ll find the official story synopsis and the trailer. The DLC is available as a part of the Season Pass and separately for $11.99.

Experience Adam Jensen’s first mission for TF29, set before the events of Mankind Divided. Posing as a convicted criminal, Jensen is transferred deep into a hostile, high-security prison for augmented felons. His mission: Track down and retrieve sensitive information from a fellow undercover agent who has gone dark. Success will help the fight against terror around the world, but Jensen will need to confront a darker side to his role before the day is done.