Selling keys on a marketplace which was yet to come into existence seems unreasonable at best, and yet Charlie’s tweet suggests something different:

Launched in 2014, G2A Marketplace was celebrating its 5th birthday this year. The said keys were allegedly stolen and sold before March 8, 2013 – 6 years ago. Charlie wrote: “We paid $30,000 to deal with credit card chargebacks because of G2A.” That’s just slander, and we expect him to at least edit his posts, if not straight up apologize.

However, if Charlie Cleveland would like us to hire a professional auditing company to check if the keys from before 2014 appeared on a non-existing marketplace, we encourage him to contact the G2A Direct team, as per the initial offer.

PS: This is what G2A.COM looked like at the beginning of 2013.

PS2: A bit of trivia for archeologists: before G2A Marketplace, there was a small retailer with a different name – go2arena. Its business model was totally different as well – it was a regular store, not an open marketplace. It didn’t have Natural Selection 2 in its offer.

PS3: The list of developers who signed up for the key-blocking tool was always meant to be public. If it wasn’t, there would be people saying: “G2A actually doesn’t want to create this tool, so they’re claiming the devs didn’t sign up at all! I’m 100000% sure there are thousands of developers who would like to use it!”