Ah, Monster Hunter, you’re hell bent on being my number 1 game of 2018, aren’t you? Well you’re on a good track buddy.

Deviljho (not nearly as elaborate as Elder Dragon Kulve Tharot, but does have a nice ring to it, even if it’s essentially “Evil Joe”) has arrived to the New World. How it did so is a mystery and yet the arrival itself is surprising to nobody. Deviljho is one tenacious pickle.

This beasty will occasionally disrupt your high-level hunts. And the power level of this maelstrom of teeth and hatred is so big, it will actually make the hunt more about itself than about whatever it is you were hunting in the first place. It will immediately attack ANYTHING it comes across and voraciously munch on its corpse moments later and that’s only if it doesn’t just outright swallows it. It will hunt you. It will fight you. It will kill you. It will throw other smaller monsters at you. His entire existence is solely devoted to ruining YOUR day.

And even if you go on a specific quest to hunt Devilhjo, it won’t stop him from finding you in the future. This guy will NOT give up. And if that’s not enough, there’s gonna be an even bigger and badder version of him added later on.

Deviljho comes as a part of 4 additional monsters coming to the PC version of the game (they were excluded at launch) and he himself is something of a fan favorite from previous game. By which I mean people absolutely love to be frustrated and terrified by him.

It’s not Kulve Tharoth, but I for one welcome our new scaly overlord.