Coming immediately after the news that was update 2.1 for Stellaris, Paradox announces a new story DLC for their grand strategy/space exploration game.

Yesterday we found out that Paradox is planned to implement further changes into the game with update 2.1. Today we’ve been given a trailer for the new Story Pack aptly named Distant Stars.

The DLC will add new, gigantic, sentient and mostly harmless space creatures that mostly just want to be left alone. Presumably we’ll be able to engage with these beings in different manners depending on what kind of civilization we’re playing as- either annihilating them or befriending them.

The trailer also states “The Gate has opened” which refers to a quest-line beginning with a discovery of a strange, sealed gateway that leads to a wholly unknown region of space beyond our galaxy, in the similar vein that Omega Relay in Mass Effect II worked. This is a race however, as other civilizations will rush to journey into that region, expecting to find unimaginable riches and amazing discoveries. But some doors… Are better left closed. Who is to say what lurks in the darkness beyond stars?

I’m hyped. So very much hyped.