The first major content update for Rare’s Sea of Thieves is here. But before you dip your toes, let the devs explain it to you:

You gotta love those little developer updates. I think I’ve said it before, the the transparency at display is uplifting. In any case, the Hungering Deep is here and with it new cosmetic items and mechanics but more importantly- a limited time questline involving the cookie pirate we’ve seen in the trailer.

This adventure involves a new, mysterious “AI” threat. For a large content update it’s rather sparse on the details. What we can tell is that this monstrous creatures seem to be gigantic White Shark or a Megallodon, capable of chewing-up entire ships. We eagerly await players investigating into the matter.

There’s also a new ship figurehead and a new tattoo set to grab, so get on it lads! Hopefully this is enough to revitalize an admittedly lackluster pirate experience. The sea awaits!