It is going to arrive next week.

Ubisoft has announced that the 1.8 patch for The Division will arrive in a couple of days, but we’ll learn the exact date on Monday, December 8.

The update is full of new features that will influence all modes of the game and add some new ideas and options.

There’s a new PvE mode called Resistance, which functions as a classic Horde. There’s 4 vs 4 PvP mode called Skirmish coming. On top of that, there are extended maps, new gear customization, and some impressive Underground revamps.

“We recognize there is plenty of passion around the Dark Zone, but we also want to remind everyone that The Division is a live game. As such, we are always evolving to best suit the overall balance of the game. Our intention was to create a zone that was an equal 50/50 percentage split between PVE and PVP activity. When it comes to Rogues in the DZ in 1.7, our data reveals that the balance is entirely off. 75 percent of player deaths in the DZ are exclusively PVP, and that is something we want to change.”

All the specifics will arrive on December 4 with the full patch notes.