Don’t worry, PvE elements are also coming for your Agents.

The Division is in a tricky position. When released, many proclaimed it a failure – there were many problems, but some of them disappeared after the latest patches. Now the problem is the fact that it might be just a bit too late to regain the favor of the playerbase. With the Last Stand being the last expansion from the season pass the stakes are high.

The first good news is that there’s no platform exclusivity and PS4 players won’t have to wait a month or so for their release. No specific debut date was given, but it should be available (along with 1.6 patch) before winter’s end. The main part of Last Stand is a 8vs8 objective-based mode. As you might remember, The Division doesn’t allow more than four players in group. Because of that two teams of four will be combined in the matchmaking. Level 30 is required, but if you are still playing, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Dark Zone will be expanded with three additional locations – DZ07-09, all placed in the north. Much more interiors than in DZ01-06 are promised. You should remember that patch 1.6 will be available with the release of Last Stand and this space will be accessible for players who decide not to buy the DLC.

The aforementioned mentioned PvP mode takes place in the Dark Zone, but you don’t have to worry about penalties for becoming Rogue, dying etc. Each fight will be instanced, with a separate ruleset and a single match should last for around 20 minutes. There are three zones to capture, but each consists of three objectives that need to be completed. As we are in the Dark Zone, AI enemies will also spawn – by killing them you receive points that can be used to grab bonuses for the party (e.g. faster data transfer) or prepare defenses (turrets, for example).

A separate progression system with 40 levels is planned, as well as unique items for people playing Last Stand. You should remember that item advantages are removed as this is a PvP mode – weapon and armor stats will be normalized to give everyone an equal chance.