Next onto Doom Eternal, the game many of us are waiting with baited breath due to the fantastic success of Doom, we’re getting a feature that has certainly piqued my personal interest.

Apparently Doom Eternal features a pervasive, seamless multiplayer system whereby you can invade other people as demons of Hell and fight them on their turf. It’s a strange kind of amalgam of the Left 4 Dead idea of playing as zombies and full on Dark Souls. The player becomes a demon, sorry, “mortally impaired”, gaining their weaponry and characteristics, but gets a buff allowing them to actually challenge the demi-god that is the Slayer.

Beyond that there’s just more Doom, which is exactly what everybody wanted. I could get into the implications of a “Doom-verse” being a thing now, but come on, it’s Doom, we all know what to expect.

You know my mind goes back to the atrocity that was Duke Nukem Forever and I have to ask myself, was that necessary? Did we have to get though that to get here? Or was it an avoidable tragedy and we didn’t really learn anything, we just got a good Doom at some point? But then I just remember we’re getting Doom Eternal, so I don’t have to trouble myself with these difficult questions.