While The International 2017 is coming, you can grab some nice elements and bonuses.

There are some interesting things happening in Dota 2, if you wish to pay and play for The International 2017. As you should remember, 25% of all Battle Pass sales go directly to the prize pool and currently it exceeded $3,000,000.

The most interesting thing is the Siltbreaker, a co-op campaign split into two missions. The first part will be available later in May, with the second chapter coming in June. “This all-new campaign calls upon you to party up with three friends or queue-met allies to battle through a diverse landscape of loathsome monsters, cunning traps, and other lethal terrors,” we read.

You’ll get a chance to get Desert Sands Baby Roshan described as an “extremely rare reward,” with other bonuses as you gain Camapign XP. The Battle Pass offers various other new features, including Team Quests, Battle Point Tributes and Weekend Battle Cups. You can check all the details on Dota 2’s official page.