As you’ll see, there’s so, so many dumb ways to die in the upcoming game.

So hey, Piranhas are back! No, That’s great Square Ennix, I didn’t just totally hate these nasty creatures. Or are those Pacu? See Pacu are actually bigger and more aggressive than Piranhas, so probably Pacu. Also, fun fact, Pacu have teeth that look eerily reminiscent of human teeth. Creepy, nasty bastards.

I know I should be also scared of jaguars, eels, snake and several different types of mercenaries to keep track of, oh and also did I mention traps? There’s also traps. They’re not shown here, but I bet you they’ll be an even bigger problem. Traps are, after all, the number one leading cause of death for enterprising Tomb Raiders. Contact your local representative and send a donation if you can. Tomb Raiders are an engendered species.

Which is why I’ll have no issues killing all those other endangered species. There may be just a couple of you left Jaguars and you may be severely inbred, but we only have one Lara Croft left. It’s a battle of survival, see.