Who knew hunting zombies is now a competitive activity?

Dying Light is a by all accounts a fun game, with great parkour, exciting combat, immersive environments, some actual storyline, and all. Which is probably why a co-op friendly game is now getting a competitive spin-off focused on screwing other players and being the first guy on the chopper out.

Thankfully it’s not a full-on Battle Royale of which we’ve had enough already. It’s going for 12-player competition based on collecting blood samples. The first person to get the required amount gets to go on the extraction chopper. Pretty straightforward. Even the moves you know are still in, barring the currently absent grappling hook and the downplayed guns.

Dying Light: Bad Blood right now is in Early Access, but when it launches a few months from now (allegedly, we’ll see how it goes) it’s going to be free-to-play. But hey, getting your copy now will net you some Founders’ cosmetic stuff, so if you like pimping your characters out you might want to grab it?