Now that’s interesting: two games about the Chinese Three Kingdoms period released in one year, and only one of them made by Omega Force/Tecmo Koei.

Creative Assembly, the masterminds behind the Total War franchise have been up to some Warhammer shenanigans lately, but have found a way to keep fans of more historical warfare happy. And apparently after years of pleas from the fans, they are finally going to launch a Total War game based on the war commemorated and embellished in the Chinese masterpiece Romance of the Three Kingdoms. And they even have a trailer to show for it.

It seems that no metter where you go trying to solo Lu Bu is a bad idea, even for Zhang Fei and Guan Yu. Although some detractors seem to resent the apparent presence of hero units in a historically-themed game, it feels appropriate and is in no way a shameful display.

No specific release date is known so far, Total War: Three Kingdoms listed as a non-committal “Fall 2018” on Steam.

Which makes it a good follow-up to a Dynasty Warriors 9 launching in February. Good times.