There’s a lot of new content coming and not everything is for Premium Pass holders only.

While I personally like Battlefield 1 and spent some hours in the multiplayer, it’s not hard to notice that it isn’t the most successful entry in the IP. EA tried to expand the player base free weekends and quite attractive promos. And now the company is pushing additional content – some of which is locked behind the Premium Pass, but even more is planned for free.

There’s a special blog note from EA DICE that describes what’s next for Battlefield 1. The most important change in the roadmap are the monthly updates – they will happen more often than before. The first major patch is called Spring Update and it will introduce Platoons, a highly requested feature. Details are to come.

The May update will include changes to Operations, as well as other gameplay-wise fixes that “make the action feel more balanced and fair.” There are also three more paid expansions incoming and the next titled In The Name Of The Tsar will take players to the Eastern Front. You can expect cold weather and a better take on Russian army.