Eden Rising, the upcoming open world tower defense co-op developed by two Indie studios: Nvizzio Creations and Meridian4, is moving from closed beta to early access and to commemorate this occasion the devs held a livestream to showcase gameplay and answer questions about the game.

The Steam page description reads:

Unite your tribe, defend the Crucibles, and forge your place in Eden! Trade your humanity for the power to master this savage domain. Gather resources, craft traps and equipment, and repel the land’s wild guardians in a co-operative open world of action and strategy.

The game looks like a fusion of an MMO and Tower Defense, which is a fascinating prospect. Tower Defense games usually lend themselves to linear gameplay in enclosed spaces, but during the stream we’ve seen that instead of there being specific points to put towers in, players have almost complete freedom in putting them anywhere along enemy paths. Moreover the 8 player co-op offers a wide variety of possible combinations of player strategies. Players can also customize their characters with equipment to embrace different play-styles (choosing between ranged or melee combat and equipping armor with different properties).

Honestly it looks like a bigger, meaner Sanctum, if you remember that little gem of a game. The game is nowhere near being finished, as mentioned it just entered Early Access on Steam, but it certainly looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun when it’s out.