The unholy amalgam of Souls-like combat and Battle Royale formula was inevitable and it’s fitting that it borrows from Lovecraft Mythos and Victorian aesthetics found in Bloodborne.

I like the aesthetics for sure, though it looks more like Devil may Cry’s idea of what “Victorian” means than actual Victorian aesthetics (too many neon lights), although that probably makes me sound hella pretentious. Also the sound is just terrible, but the devs insist this is not actually the game’s OST, but something they’ve thrown in to make the video more palpable.

This is definitely rough and requires much more time to be ready, but it is showing some promise, I will admit that much. The Souls inspiration just cannot be denied here- even the HP and Stamina meters and condition build-up meters look straight outta Bloodborne and the lock-on mechanics is quite familar.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although I’m genuinely not sure if the “roll around like a moron” style of Souls PvP lends itself well to Battle Royale. You can sign-up for testing on the game’s page, and I’ll be sure to myself. In the end it’s just more Souls for me.