Sailing towards the Summerset.

If you’re one of those folks who eagerly traded lonesome ventures of the offline The Elder Scrolls games in favour of their younger online-capable sibling, you’re in for a treat, because a new expansion is coming, and it looks pretty nice.

Set on the Summerset island, the heart of Aldmeri dominion, The Elder Scrolls Online expansion is going to feature pretty sights, including elven architecture and perhaps more sunlight all around, because there’s only so much murk one can handle. As shown in the trailer below, Summerset is a sunny place, green and colourful, and apparently with some importance put on ships, maybe even pirates.

This is shaping up to be rather nautical year. First Sea of Thieves launched to positive reviews a few days ago, on May 8th Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire takes us to a tropical archipelago, and on as TES: Summerset launches on June 5th another island will be ours to exploit.

Weigh anchor and set sail for Q2 2018?