You can test the MMO for free starting today.

The Elder Scrolls Online started originally with a subscription-based model. But when Bethesda learned that it won’t manage to keep the players, some changes were made. Basically, now the game is available as pay-to-play – a single purchase is enough for the adventures.

There’s also an ESO Plus subscription that grants cash for the in-game store and other bonuses. Players have to buy expansions separately. But all in all, one single payment grants you the needed access. If you are not sure if you should spend your money, there’s a chance to try ESO for free.

Starting today, up until April 18th, this MMO is available for free testing. New players are awarded with 500 Crowns that allow them to buy some vanity items. As you may guess, during the next week the game is available at a discounted price and all your progress from the recent gameplay will move over to the full account.