If you first met Enchtantress via the Suicide Squad movie, my condolences. Perhaps if you enjoy fighting games, you’ll choose to get a better idea who the Enchantress is and why she is so scary.

The greenish witch is coming to the superhero fighting game Injustice 2, the one with the Bat-Male, Superperson, Melanistic Songbird and other iconic heroes from the DC multiverse.

In the above trailer you can see the Enchantress beat up a Harlequin and Mortalrub, two famous antagonists we’ve had in the game since forever.

Ok, but jokes aside: you’ll get to beat up the grouchy Bruce-Man, nondescript Superkent and others with well-timed spells starting today if you have Fighter Pack 3, Ultimate Edition, or Ultimate Pack which, oddly enough, aren’t the names I made up.