It’s called Gungeons and Draguns and it just occurred to me I should give up now because I can’t possibly beat that pun.

Enter the Gungeon is a cute little rogue-like game about gun puns. It’s fast-paced, absolutely adorable and has great replay value. The Dungeons & Dragons-themed free expansion has been announced almost a year ago and after some delays it’s finally ready to launch. It will arrive on July the 19th.

Gungeons and Draguns adds a lot of stuff to the game, but for the most part it’s just more of the good stuff: more weapons, new NPCs, new enemies and bosses and new areas to explore. Interestingly the expansion puts large emphasis on synergy between weapons and effects, which is certainly cool.

One of the new weapons introduced in the expansion is even a nod to Destiny, another game with very heavy focus on loot and synergy in combat. The description of “The Exotic” states that it was “destined to find its way into the Gungeon”.

It’s a good time to look into Enter the Gungeon and see what it has to offer, from what I’ve seen it’s pretty fun and very cute.