Escape from Tarkov, a game by Battlestates Games running its closed beta right now, released a new trailer for the version 0.8 of the build. It looks claustrophobic, violent and gruesome.

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore multiplayer shooter that tries to do, for the most part, what STALKER did. The game is certainly interesting, promising to deliver a setting where players can work together in multiplayer to beat the campaign, but other players can join in with the NPC groups seamlessly to create mayhem, kill the player, get their stuff and later use it in their own playthrough.

Which is absolutely amazing, as it sounds to me similar to the invasion system of Dark Souls, but hopefully improved by better AI. This system is, unfortunately, still long ways away, as right now the game is purely PvP with no actual story mode, with gangs of players engaging in wanton violence and looting against each other.

Presented here the IKEA store. You can surely imagine the delicious maze of chaos and gunfire this bodes.

The spaces are tight, enemies numerous and level design absolutely on-point, reminding me of the glory days of Half Life 2. The new update introduces a new map as well as a host of new murder tools. Personally I’m most impressed by the level-design, as I know this is the very skeleton of a claustrophobic shooter, which games like Painkiller, STALKER and Half Life perfectly realized. I can see Escape from Tarkov also understands this and I remain hopeful.