Two days ago I’ve mentioned a rather obscure secret pertaining to God of War. This time something far easier to get, but nonetheless interesting.

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This one serves as a nod to Avengers: Infinity War, which seems appropriate since the two works share the running theme of Norse Mythology (although I have to stress this- God of War does it waaay better).

If you finish the Family Business sidequest for the dwarf Sindri (which is the same character as Eitri, the famous dwarf of Norse mythology, who does appear in Infinity War, played by Peter Dinklage who for some reason is huge in the movie and still referred to as a dwarf ) you will be rewarded with Shattered Gauntlet of the Ages.

The gauntlet has 3 sockets and there’s 6 possible upgrades scattered throughout the world, each being a nod to a different Reality Stone. When 3 of the 6 possible upgrades are inserted into the gauntlet, you’ll be able to blast waves of purple energy from it, just as Thanos does in the movie.

If as myself you believe that Thanos was the real protagonist of the movie and totally stole the show, you’re free to sort of cosplay as him in God of War. Neat.