The horror time is now.

The question with The Evil Within 2 is not if you want to get scared but how hard do you want it. And so the devs revealed how different difficulty settings – Casual, Survival or Nightmare – work within the game’s universe.

Casual is: “For those who want to experience the story without a struggle. Items are abundant, and you can take many more hits before you die.”

Survival is: “For those who want the basics of a Survival Horror experience. Keep an eye on your resources, approach situations with caution, and don’t get overconfident.”

Nightmare: “For those who enjoy a challenge, and for experienced Survival Horror players. Resources are limited, and enemies hit much harder. Careful item management and strategic play are an absolute must to survive. *Recommended for players who enjoyed the difficulty of the previous game. *”

Its worth noticing that while you can dial the difficulty down at any point there’s no turning back up.

The Evil Within 2 is out today.