Under the name of RhinoGames, industry-hardened veterans are attempting to create what they tout as “MTG’s strategy with Hearthstone’s pacing”. Certainly an ambitious project.

The alpha build is available now if you want to contribute to the testing, for browser, mobile and Steam. The developers themselves called the trailer “tongue in cheek” and I admit, there’s certainly some shade-throwing involved. The promise of a “friendly community” for one thing strikes me as a bit premature, but who knows, maybe they can succeed where so many before them have failed.

The game itself certainly looks interesting with a very Cyberpunk-ish, Shadowrun-like vibe of advanced technology in dystopian future melding with mythology and magic. The graphic style certainly looks pretty good and the mechanics are interesting. The beta is scheduled to arrive in the early 2019. I have to say, there’s some things to like about the game, at the very least the developers certainly seem passionate about it. It also has some unique ideas like a 2v2 mode.

But I have to echo the sentiment of others when I say that the card-game ennui is starting to set in for me. With Rastakhan’s Rumble looming on the horizon and MtG: Arena still being something I’m attempting to get into, I don’t really know if I have the room for another card game right now. Maybe one unique enough to make me even reconsider the nature of the genre, but this doesn’t seem to be it. Artfiact might be, but that game has… Other issues.

In any case, check it out on Steam for yourself. Perhaps you can muster more investment than I can.