We’ve written about Extinction before.

You know, the game about a tiny human hacking off the limbs of gargantuan ogres in a fantasy setting. The closer we get to the release day (March 31st, FYI), the more materials are going to be published, which means we’ll be given more chances to figure out whether we want to actually pay the game. Take the trailer below, for instance. We get some backstory, we get some gameplay, we even get a glimpse at a nifty 2D animation which may constitute the game’s intro or cutscenes.

Although naysayers may equate this to an Attack on Titan rip-off, it’s quite different from Koei Tecmo’s actually Attack on Titan video game (which gets a sequel later this year). For one, it has some seemingly engaging dismemberment system, which is a phrase that every hack and slash game should have in its sales pitch. Sure, it’s not Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but it looks fun anyway.