Todd giving our soft boys the tribute they deserve.

A bit of backstory first. Monster Factory is a series of videos on YouTube, ran by Polygon’s Griffin and Justin McElroy (sadly, the series is no more, as the boys are no longer with Polygon). In the words of its creators, the series celebrates character-creation in video games, by showing the absolute extremes that can be accomplished in those games and setting these monstrosities loose upon the world.

The series includes all sorts of games, from Sims to Dark Souls and, yes, Todd Howard’s very own Fallout 4 (due to robustness of the character-creator and easiness with which console commands can be put in, the series actually includes all modern Bethesda’s RPGs and the brothers have taken to riff on Todd quite a bit in the process). The whole thing is something that has to be experienced to truly understand, but suffice to say that the creation, dubbed “Final Pam”, eventually gains the status of a self-aware, sentient program that goes on to infect other games, after Griffin and Justin manage to completely break Fallout 4, to the point where re-installing it doesn’t seem to fix all the problems.

Now, testing the upcoming Fallout 76, Twitter user Adam Jarvis (great Snake impression by the way, I approve), found a building which contains a lot of references to that particular saga of the series. So much that it’s definitely beyond coincidental and some sneaky developer definitely decided to pay respects to Final Pam. Which is both wise and nice of them, given the series is over and even if it wasn’t, Fallout 76 being a multiplayer game wouldn’t allow the brothers to take it for a similar spin. All images can be seen here.

Alternatively it means that Pam actually has become self-aware and has found her way into Fallout 76. In which case… Todd help us all.