People are still understandably worried about the multiplayer features of Fallout 76, but fear not friends, it’s Todd Howard to the rescue again.

First off, with the huge, expansive world of Fallout 76 and no vehicles to travel through the wastelands would be a terrible pain in the arse to travel by foot, so we do get fast travel. Todd however did not specify on how that will work with multiplayer component. Will you see people blinking in and out of existence? Will you be able to ravel together as a group? We don’t know.

Probably more interestingly, we have more information about griefing counter-measures. Reportedly, you can’t die in PvP before you reach level 5, which on its own doesn’t say much, as we don’t really know how level progression is supposed to work in Fallout 76. And with the information that PvP is entirely “optional” (whatever that means, considering them ‘nukes) this honestly tells us very little.

I mean I would imagine it working something like Borderlands where you have to willingly initiate PvP, but how exactly would nukes work with that? Would there be zones you can’t target with the launch? That puts the nuclear trailer of Fallout 76 above into question.

These and more questions will all be answered on August 14th. Probably a little sooner if the game goes into beta. Or if we actually see uncut gameplay impressions of the game. Nevertheless, perhaps it’s not going to be too painful.