Quakecon is behind us and with Todd now having his fingers in that particular pie, it was in a lot of ways a vehicle for Bethesda to show off. So show off the did.

There’s a lot ground to cover so expect a whole lot of News pertaining to Quakecon. First on our list is the big one, because it came with a new trailer you can see above, are the changes to the Perk system. Perks are now represented by cards you can stack and combine for better results, although at higher costs. They seem to add passive bonuses for the most part, but certainly there are some interesting ones among the mix.

You can also trade and gift Perk cards to other players, allowing you to form an effective squad. Think of it in terms of preparing for a raid—you need a dedicated tank, a healer, and several different kinds of DPS. This system allows you do that and be prepared for any occasion. The trailer makes a point that strength lies in diversity, but clearly there’s also strength in stacking similar effects.

Pretty neat stuff. We don’t know all the details of how this system is supposed to work, the trailer implies that you can grant the effects of perks to other players without losing them yourself, but you can extend them to your team mates. So you could play with a group of friends all of whom specialize in different perks, so you can collectively unlock as many as possible. Very, very neat.