Which in a truly wasteland fashion boils down forming temporary alliances where only one party really benefits and then being killed by a tougher group of people following the same shaky principles.

I still have a serious issue with the framing of these shorts. Like the idea is that these are supposed to be actual instructional materials published by Vault-Tec, but they’re dripping with sarcasm and they seem to know exactly what the Wasteland is and that’s just flat inaccurate, nobody had a way of knowing what the fallout would be like. Like the irony was supposed to be that these people were clueless about how the future would look like, putting way too much stock in the American Dream, thinking the people would emerge into a fully functional society.

That nitpick aside, the trailer suggests the importance of forming temporary alliances with people met all the time and reinforces the importance of ‘non-verbal communication’, which we can only assume to be emotes. The short also shows the player character looting corpses of their former team-mates, which I have no idea how that is supposed to work.

Noteworthy is the fact that you don’t get anything from just killing players, but apparently you do get stuff from looting your team. So griefing in Fallout 76 may not take the form of killing people, but joining them and then letting them die.

See now this is the irony I can get behind.