I mean it makes sense, it’s got laser guns, why would steampunk be a thing in Fallout 76? Oh, that Steam! Ok, that makes more sense. Wait, what?

Yes ladies and gentlemen the eagerly awaited multiplayer Fallout that everyone is excited and very positive about (sarcasm) is not going to use the largest PC distribution platform. The beta FAQ (I refuse to use your atrocious acronym, Todd) specified the game to be available “via Bethesda.net only”, but it was somewhat unclear if it’s just the beta or the released game as well.

And now we know that both will. This is kind of understandable, because Steam takes a huge cut from games released on the platform, but in return it gives them huge exposure. There will be plenty of people not buying the game purely because it’s not on Steam. Of course it may eventually get on Steam, but on day 1 and for who knows how long, it’s gonna be using only Bethesda’s platform.

A point of note though, don’t confuse the folks who won’t buy Fallout 76 on account of it not being on Steam with people who wouldn’t buy it anyway and just use it as a mock argument. These people simply don’t understand the glory that is Todd Howard.

But a piece of good news is that if you signed up for the beta, you might be able to port all your progress into the proper release. Sasuga Todd, even when you fail you still win.

Thanks PC gamer for bringing a piece of Todd news to my attention.