The bad Seeds, no Cave.

If you’re one of the people waiting for the release of Ubisoft’s upcoming Montana Mayhem AKA Far Cry 5, you’ve already seen a lot of stuff. The story had its trailer, the immediate companions had their own, as well as the prominent figures in the resistance.

Who did not have much time devoted to them in the videos were the instigators themselves. Well, that’s fixed now. Without further ado, here come the seeds. Behold.

They appear to be very nice people, every single one of them. I’m sure they can be reasoned with.

Far Cry 5 launches on March 27th, and its going to feature all the usual parts of Ubisoft games: open world, multitude of activities, wanton destruction, good fun. It’s also the first Far Cry game set in the heart of the United States: Hope county of Montana.