Get your earthyl business in order, you’re going to the Eden’s Gate.

Ubisoft’s irreplaceable open-world action series Far Cry is up to 5 main entries already, which is a pretty nice number, really. Far Cry 5, launching properly on March 27th, is going to take the action to the spacious state of Montana, for once deciding not to send the protagonists far away from home to right wrongs and wrong rights in some law-forsaken foreign land.

Instead we’re going to play as a deputy sheriff sent to a fictional Hope county to cut short a weird cult activity going on there. So instead of political factions and modern pirates we’re getting gun-nuts and doomsday cult. Nice change of atmosphere.

Anyway, the game’s out tomorrow, and here’s the trailer that’s supposed to reignite the flames of hype in your souls.

The important parts here is that the game is going to have AI-controlled companions, among them a good dog called Boomer and an even better bear called Cheeseburger. What’s not to love?