Hey, it’s summer, we all crave a vacation. And some of us, like the protagonist of the next Far Cry 5 DLC, get to have a big one.

Lost on Mars is a second DLC for the open-world Ubisoft shooter about that American dream and it will arrive in just a couple of days. July the 17th, to be exact. As you can see, it takes you to Mars where you can hopefully stop and alien invasion from happening.

It definitely sounds wacky, way wackier than the previous, more grounded Vietnam war-themed DLC, Hours of Darkness. That one was admittedly  not great, I expected something with more tooth than what we got. Here’s to hoping that the writers of Far Cry 5 are better with comedy than war stories.

Like the last time, the DLC features a self-contained, smaller area of the world (this time Mars), it’s own short storyline, new enemies, alien weaponry (like the fantastically named “Obliteratorrrr), jetpacks to fly around, new vehicles and more. This comes with a Mars-themed update to the Far Cry 5 Arcade which will hopefully prolong its longevity.

I don’t expect it to be as good as Blood Dragon for Far Cry 3, but perhaps similarly unique. And speaking of Mars, QuakeCon is just around the corner and we can probably expect something about Doom Eternal from there. So keep that one in the back of your head.