Just 2 weeks have passed since the release of Far Cry 5 and Ubisoft is certainly not done with it. Not by a long shot.

The sales are flowing nicely, the ratings are positive and the general consensus is… That yeah, Far Cry 5 is a good game. That could have been that, but sometimes it’s good to follow up on a particularly well-placed punch, which is what Ubisoft is doing in Far Cry 5’s Arcade Dawn live event, taking place until April 17th.

Far Cry 5 Arcade Dawn Live Event Banner


The rules are simple- enter the event in game, play around on the Arcade for some 40 minutes and as a penny for your trouble, you’ll get a neat little gun to use in the actual game. As a bonus, if enough people attend the event globally, every player will be rewarded with a new outfit. The point of it? To keep you going.

Far Cry 5 is a big game. A really big game. Between the expansive map full of side-activities, things to find and do and the main story, it’s quite the behemoth of an open-world game. Did you deal with the insane cultists yet? Did you liberate all the camps yet? Did you play around with all the wildlife yet? Well, now there’s also arcades for you. If you want that. It seems like with Far Cry there’s just always more to do. In the end having too much entertaining stuff to do is probably better than not having enough.