While the Hours of Darkness was largely disappointing and Lost on Mars was just not Flash Gordon for me (I kind of feel like they tried doing them the opposite and it just didn’t work out), you know what they say: third time the charm!

And Dead Living Zombies (fantastic title by the way) is very different from both the two previous DLCs and from the base game in a couple of important ways. First off, we take a a detour from the expansive valleys of Montana, Vietnamese jungles and Martian deserts into a tight, claustrophobic city.

Second, this one is actually multiplayer friendly, which is an immediate upside, because I don’t know about you, but for me experiencing the bugs of Far Cry 5 together with my buddy was like the core of Far Cry 5. Oh those sweet days of future past. Emergent storytelling with bugs, glitches, zombies and a friend? I’m in for a few bucks you know.

Lastly, it’s framed as a D-class movie directed by Guy Marvel which is exactly the kind of campy fun I wanted since Lost on Mars, you know, failed to deliver on that. There’s some good opportunity for entertainment here, so I’m sold.

Dead Living Zombies will arrive on August 28th, which maybe not the best idea given that release of Strange Brigade Ubi? Just a thought.