Fortnite’s Guided Missile is the stuff of legends at this point, a weapon ostensibly meant simply to be used in order to snipe people and structures from across the map, but which allowed crazy rocket rides across the map, is being pulled back. At least for now.

Above you can see a choice selection of what this baby could do. The thing about it is that it counts as an object in the game’s engine, so it has full physics. Meaning it can be fully interacted with, for example it can be jumped on and used as transport. You could, even though it’s really difficult, jump from one missile onto another and keep flying around.

The missile was removed on the grounds of “fairness” but I hope that when it returns (because come on, it has to), it’s gonna retain its surf-board properties so that its true purpose can fully manifest. Other then removing the missile, Epic also delayed the return of the 50vs50 mode, but promises to enable it by the end of the week. They also further tweaked weapon-swapping timer and attempted to fix some of the bugs.

All in all a pretty sad time for Fortnite’s players, but Epic promises that come next week, everything is going to be back to normal. Except for the Guided Missile, that one isn’t coming back for a while, to my own personal dismay.