What can yo do, if the artist in you is true?

The pixel art renaissance has been upon us for quite some time now so it’s going to take something else to get us hooked on another 2D adventure game. Poetry, you say?

[yt url="https://youtu.be"]

“] I fell from Grace is produced by Deep Taiga which is a one man show. The vision here is of a rainy and dark Maine, with the main character battling with some deep personal issues. You’ll get puzzles and story along the way. As the author puts it:

Your name is Henry, mid-forties your rough age. Swept up in crippling debt, you’re stuck in a cage. Your career is not where it ought to be right now. Others get promoted, but you “lack the know-how”. But keep up a brave face, at least for your dying wife, when she is gone what will be left of worth in your life? Then one day the miracle, out of nowhere the promise of a cure. You’ll get your life back, along with a promotion, that’s for sure!

So if you’re a fan of our own limericks (and we’re sure you are) then mark up Q4 of this year in your calendars, because that’s when I fell from Grace comes out for PC.