Hotter than a frivolous lawsuits for sure, you could say that one gave people a bit of a cold shoulder. I mean it might have lit the fire under Epic’s feet, but I’m sure they’re gonna play it cool.

Alright, enough with the puns. The point is: PUBG is changing how Molotov cocktails, admittedly a very underused item, work. As you can see, the flaming effect will now spread over certain surfaces, the lobbing range has increased and pathing changed slightly and they can now be shot down in mid-air.

I wonder how many people will get shot in the face while trying to shoot down a Molotov in the air for no reason. Ah, the meta-game shifting, exciting and ridiculous time. Other grenade-style weapons are also changing slightly as well- frags getting a slight nerf and flashbangs a buff.

Also, PUBG is implementing new anti-cheat measures and is taking them for a spin on test servers. You could say they’re putting up a Firewall (last one, I promise). Bluehole stated that they will need help from the community to test these measures, which… I don’t really know how you’re supposed to test anti-cheat measures except by pitting it against cheaters, but I don’t think that’s what Bluehole means.

In any case, just check the “Enable Anti-cheat” box and support PUBG’s ongoing battle against cheaters. That is sure to work right?