Expect some new features to be implemented as the game is nearing the end of its content updates.

July is yet another month when IO Interactive is keeping Hitman’s players busy. The good news that appeared in recent weeks is that the company, after splitting with Square Enix, is retaining all rights to the Hitman IP. And it seems it doesn’t want to stop with only small patches.

While Season Two is in perspective, now players should invest their time into recent features of Season One. Already available with the July 2017 batch of content are 15 new Featured Contracts, as well as The Hamartia Compulsion, the 12th Escalation Contract.

Later this month the final Elusive Target for Season One will make a debut and as always you will have limited time to take out your target. And only one chance to do this. Expect to visit Marrakesh Bonus mission once again. A new game update is planned as well for July.