On 31 October 2016 the final episode of 2016’s Hitman™ was released. The season finale is set in a hospital and resort on Hokkaido, Japan. Agent 47 will have 2 targets to locate and eliminate in the Mission mode. The release schedule for November includes Elusive Targets #13 through #15, two batches of 10 featured Contracts, and a new Escalation Contract.

Hitman™ is a game based on episodic releases of new content. Each episode is a new location, from Paris to Marrakesh or, with Episode 6, Hokkaido, with much larger and packed maps than in any previous installment. In addition to story missions, players can engage in community-created Contracts, designating NPC for elimination, Elusive targets available for limited time in a one-off mission, and Escalation targets, taking the player through a sequence of progressively difficult missions.