Further changes to the technical side and some content updates are included.

It seems that the work to improve Final Fantasy XV just can’t stop. Some major updates improved the game drastically, other managed to keep it alive for people, who already got it finished with 100% completion.

But another patch is available and this release is titled April Update. You’ll surely appreciate the addition of rankings to Timed Quests, as well as the addition of a reward based on the Grammy Award winning DJ and Producer Afrojack. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Introduction of rankings to Timed Quests
  • First Timed Quest reward – the Afrosword, a greatsword inspired by Grammy Award winning DJ and Producer Afrojack
  • New car decals for players to customize their Regalia
  • Three new songs added to the Music Player
  • Enlarged font sizes for the subtitles and various menu screens
  • Implementation of additional display options for PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Various bug fixes