What a weird time to be a gamer.

After a long time of relative absence, the demo versions of video games are slowly coming back. Perhaps the industry has realised that it’s better to give a free taste of the game instead of refunding a game someone doesn’t want. And not everything can be launched as early access, either.

This time the good folks at Square Enix promise us the upcoming PC release of Final Fantasy XV (a four-boy roadtrip) will get one as well. And given that FFXV got a benchmark as well, it shows that SE really cares for the game’s PC release.

Regardless, the demo is going to go live on Steam (and Steam only, apparently) on February 26th. That’s Monday, in case you’re not the Calendar Man.

The game itself is set for PC launch on March 6th. Mark that down in your calendars, if you take the shining for the demo.