Put your people skills to the test.

SI Games, the developers behind the Football Manager series, have come up with yet another completely new function for the game making everything even more realistic and getting through a single season a daunting task. Say hello to Dynamics:

[yt url="https://youtube.com/watch?time_continue=236&v=zmVvc35M4N8"]

It’s a segment of the game that will take care of team chemistry. But rather than just telling you if players are unhappy or not, it will give you the complete oversight over team hierarchy, how players are feeling and if the locker room i gelling well together.

There are three main systems that govern the Dynamics – Match Cohesion, Dressing Room Atmosphere and Managerial Support. If all of them are in the black (or green in this case) then your squad will perform much better than just the sum of its parts.

Football Manager 2018, Football Manager Touch 2018, and Football Manager Mobile 2018 are all due out 10th November.