They shall remain forsaken for a while longer.

Fans of the game (that totally exist and are still here, presumably just to suffer) will be disappointed to hear that supposedly the biggest Sea of Thieves update to date has been delayed a week. From its original September 19th launch date to the 27th.

The update is supposed to add a new large location, volcanic area called “Devil’s Roar” (pirates aren’t known for their creativity. Why do you think they all dress up the same?), new type of ship, new missions in the form of cargo runs and, of course, a new plotline. It’s quite extensive and often cited as the ticket out of the limbo the game has been trying to get out of for a while now.

Unfortunately, during testing Rare uncovered a serious memory issue causing frequent crashes. You can read all about it here and while I’m at it, I have to once again congratulate these folks for the transparency they’re showing. Seriously, their YouTube series of developers’ journals is a real treat and goes a long way in explaining how people are still holding out hope for this game.

Rare explains that their primary concern is delivering a stable update and I concur. It would be tragic if their magnum opus was mired by impossible to ignore crashing issues.

Godspeed Rare. I still believe in ye, scurvy dogs.