So remember how the pre-launch Forsaken update was going to come soon? Well it’s here now and with a little surprise to boot.

So apparently, the new weapons meant to be gained in Forsaken have started to drop already in some of the base game missions. Reportedly, you can acquire the new toys through completing the milestones in the Mars Flashpoint mission. The specificity of that fact has not gone unnoticed and some on Reddits are wondering whether this is actually intentional, since this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Additionally, some of the new weapons have been uncovered by data miners including The Chaperone, another weapon returning from the original Destiny. This is most likely unintentional as no game outside of Doki Doki Literature Club would expect its player-base to data mine it. But the files include the division between “classified” and unclassified weaponry, lending further evidence to the idea that the items dropping was intentional.

The update was of course a bit of a mess outside of that curiosity with several issues being reported on. Nothing game breaking, but the XP meter failing to indicate progression was something people immediately got salty about, remembering the last huge blunder involving Bungie purposefully blocking progression. Ultimately the very point of these pre-launches is to make sure everything works when the proper launch hits. So expect another patch shortly.