It’s not just an aimbot, it’s much more serious.

Epic is doubling down on the cheaters within Fortnite banning thousands of them in the process of taking care of the community. The user count for the game went up 10 million so policing the vast number of players is a daunting task.

Today we learn that banning is not the highest mean of punishment for cheating. Epic filed two lawsuits, one against Brandon Broom and the other against Charles Vraspir, for copyright infringement, breach of contract, which all result from their deceitful behavior.

The lawsuit goes as follows:

“This is a copyright infringement and breach of contract case in which the Defendant is infringing Epic’s copyrights by injecting unauthorized computer code into the copyright protected code of Epic’s popular Fortnite video game. In so doing, Defendant is creating unauthorized derivative works of Fortnite by modifying the game code and, thus, materially altering the game that the code creates and the experience of those who play it.”

Epic is seeking damages for what they might have lost as a result of both men’s actions. But other than money the message is clear. Don’t cheat. Or mess with us.