Fortnite has definitely picked up PUBG’s challenge when it comes to E Sports, organizing its own events and even having Universities run E Sports courses on Fortnite.

And now it seems Epic is seriously considering implementing a full-on competitive mode. Solo Showdown is the name of this week’s limited mode and it is indeed something of an experiment. The rules are exactly identical to the regular Fortnite match, however the one addition is a featured leader-board.

The ranking takes into account first 50 games of every competitor signing up and measures their performance. 100 highest ranking players will actually win virtual prizes with the number 1 taking the exuberant 50 000 V-bucks, Fortnite’s virtual currency. Curiously, you need to be at least 16 years old to sign up. It’s good to see Epic is learning from their past, 12-year old suing mistakes. How enforceable this age restriction is, however, is difficult to say.

Epic themselves stated that they want to use the mode as a stepping stone to learn how to build better events in the future, so it’s not outlandish to postulate that such a leader-board might become a recurring or even permanent feature of Fortnite.