You know, I never could get into Battle Royales for many reasons, but one of the major ones always was- it’s annoying to wait to log into a match just to die almost immediately or randomly in the middle of it due to things you couldn’t have possibly foreseen. But now, Fortnite is becoming substantially more chilled out.

The Playground limited mode is exactly that- people are dropped on the map but will respawn and the rate at which they can acquire wood and other resources are greatly increased, which means they can enjoy building structures and having dance-offs in comfort of knowing they won’t have to try and set-up a match again. I kinda wish we had it when the comet was looming over Titlted Towers, it would have been much easier to observe it.

Additionally, Epic is considering adding the hectic 50 vs 50 mode permanently to the game. Which is honestly great, I think this is the fruit of their experiment with Ranked Seasons and I have a sneaking suspicion that one is going to be back as well.